Frequently Asked Questions of Clements Cleaning

Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee with your services ?

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any questions about your cleaning contact us immediately so we can talk about it and work on getting it corrected. 

How much will it cost?

Each home and business is unique, so a number of variables are considered when pricing. Some of those variables that determine your cost are:  square footage, number of residents, pets, type of flooring, frequency of cleaning, how many knick knaks. We are happy to provide a free estimate.

Do you clean under furniture?

Anything that is easily moved will be moved and vacuumed under.  We will vacuum your couch off as well and move it to vacuum under it periodically.  Beds are vacuumed under as well. 

Do you have insurance ?

Yes, we carry liability insurance, a cleaning service bond and worker’s compensation.  We comply with all Illinois standards. 

Do you provide the cleaning equipment ?

Yes, we provide all cleaning supplies and equipment. In partnering with local companies, we provide top-of-the-line equipment and environmentally aware products that meet the most stringent of standards.

Is the initial assessment free and how long will it take?

The initial assessment is FREE.  The assessment is thorough, but generally shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Commercial space will normally take longer, depending on the square footage. We encourage you to complete the “service request form.” This will help us do a better job for you.

How often should I schedule cleanings? What is typical?

Commercial accounts are usually daily, whereas residential accounts depend on your needs, like:  long work hours, number of residents, budget and specific health needs. Some choose weekly service with their hectic lives, most choose bi-weekly and some, due to budget constraints go with a monthly schedule.

How do I go about paying ?

All our recurring accounts (except monthly) are invoiced once a month. Monthly accounts will be billed at the time of service as well as one time cleanings such as rental unit cleanings, construction cleanings, window cleanings, and move in/out cleanings. We preffer to email clients invoices, however postal mail is available.

Payments can be made online or a check can be mailed to our office at:

Contact Clements Cleaning Inc.
132 Williamsburg Lane
Waterloo, IL 62298

Does someone need to be present during the cleaning?

No. The majority of our customers are not present. This proves to be the most convenient and allows the cleaners to work as efficiently as possible. If you choose to be present when we clean that is not a problem, however it is appreciated if you are able go to part of your home that we are not cleaning.

Will the cleaner(s) arrive at the same time each visit?

We always give you a time frame of which we will be at your home. Being prompt and keeping on schedule is important to us, however things do come up and delays can happen.  We will try our best to communicate with you about delays, especially if you are home.

Who will be cleaning? One person or a team ?

This varies and is dependent on the size and needs of each particular account. Typically, two Clements Cleaning Inc. team members clean homes. This allows for the highest quality and most organized customized cleaning. Cleaning teams are of course larger for commercial accounts, where in cleaning retirement communities or private schools or office complexes, staffing is maintained to meet our work flow and cleaning schedules.

Do you have a new-hire training program?

Yes, we do have a professional and formal training program. All new hires receive detailed product & equipment instruction. We have hands-on training for all employees making the Clements Cleaning Inc. difference! 

If I have a special request, are you able to accommodate?

We are flexible to meet your additional cleaning needs, just please let us know in advance so we can arrange to make that happen for you.

Can you order my business's paper products, soaps and other perishable items?

Yes, we can order supplies for you and have an invoice sent directly to you.

I have allergies, may I see your products before I start service?

Yes you can. During the assessment we would be happy to bring along our products.  We can also get you any MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) you may need.